“EXO: ARENA” is an innovative location-based iOS game which I worked for during the past year. I worked on mock-ups and final illustration for the in-game screens, player icons, app icon, app’s menu systems, and it’s web identity.  My role also included some UX and user testing tasks. I worked directly with the art director and lead programmer on a three-person team. Great experience with an awesome team! These are some of the final graphics, and some that got lost during development. Be sure to download the game, as it is now available on the app store.

exo_iphone1  final_exo_iphone3 final_exo_iphone2 final_exo_iphone1 exo_iphone8 exo_iphone7 exo_iphone6 exo_iphone5 exo_iphone4 exo_iphone3 exo_iphone2imac_EXOimac_EXO2BADGES