These graphics are part of an animation that supports my thesis project: a DIY kit for children to learn basic circuitry through character design. Children can mix and match animal parts to create their own characters and hence, bringing an Nn to life! As part as the MFA Thesis exhibition, I produced postcards and pins with the Nns identity, that you can see towards the end. And with no further ado, I present you the Nns!

pig_test2cocodrilo_test promo_lama poster_nns

IMG_8642 IMG_8646IMG_8614IMG_8618

Im also sharing the character and graphic development of the Nns here. I always enjoy knowing how things are made and the process involved, so I hope you guys like it too!

HDpromo HDpromo_tests5 HDpromo_tests6 HDpromo_tests3 HDpromo_tests2 new materials6 jungle6 jungle4  lama2IMG_6970IMG_6973IMG_6972