At last, I am proud to present the final product of my MFA thesis: The Nns! The Nns is a DIY kit for children of ages 4-5, to learn basic circuitry through character design.

As the daughter of an electrical engineer, my dad was never able to engage me with his profession. Visually, electronics did not appeal to me, and frankly, the visual complexity scared me. As a little girl, all I thought was,“where can I draw?” But what if I had experienced circuitry in an artistic way? What if circuitry could be combined with art, acting as the trigger to explore?

The goal of my thesis project is to engage art-driven toddlers (ages 4-5) with circuitry in a simple, intimate, and playful way. It is an alternate way for children to experience electronics; that is, through narrative and character design in the context of parent-child play.

The Nns consist of two sets of DIY 3d characters puzzles: one made of cardboard for children to color, and another one made of wood and acrylic. Be sure to check my final animations for the promotional pieces of the Nns! If you would like to know more about my project, look for my “thesis process” post.