This Sparkling wine needed an update for its social media image, aimed at a female audience. These photographs are my final result of some of the content that was published on it’s Instagram and Facebook page. From concept, to art direction, photography and retouching, it was one of those rare (but much enjoyed) opportunities, in which I got total freedom to create and experiment.

sbx_shoot14.c shoot7.3 sbx_shoot14.7 sbx_shoot9.6 sbx_shoot14.13 sbx_shoot11.5sbx_shoot13.4 sbx_shoot12.211802772_789889331131647_7125571262079179845_o    sbx_shoot13.17 sbx_shoot14.1  sbx_shoot13.21 copy sbx_ganadores2 11947535_805868302867083_1362664497151954856_n sbx_shoot13.11ad_sbx       sbx_shoot9.30 sbx_shoot12.12 sbx_shoot9_delineador ganadoras



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