For our third project in my Soft Circuits class we were meant to incorporate an LED with some basic code from the Arduino libraries. Inspired by some felt cameras on the web, I decided to go try what working with felt meant; working with felt and conductive thread was incredibly pleasing. The combination of materials is a great match and I was able to create my own sensor of conductive textile and copper tape without any troubleshooting (The button of the camera). My idea was to use the code for blinking and then delaying an LED to give the illusion of a camera’s flash when about to shoot. It is meant to be a toy for children.

IMG_8838IMG_8983 IMG_8836IMG_8928

After completing this project I decided to make a “wireless” version for my niece. I wanted to see how could a toy like this actually engage a 4-year-old. The camera is powered by a 3V battery which can be easily accessed through a velcro flap on the back. My niece Renata came to NYC and loved her felt/LED camera! She photographed her whole adventure with it and would not let go of it. Definitely proved to be a great DIY project for toddlers! Here some pictures of her using it.

IMG_4013 IMG_4028 IMG_4057 IMG_4070 IMG_4090